About Us

Incorporated in 1981

Over the last 30 years, ASIOA has shown consistent growth in the membership and monetary strength.  To date there are 140 Life members, and a floating number of regular members, post-doctoral fellows, and student members.  Nearly 700 scientists of Indian origin have been transient members of ASIOA. Annually we meet at Experimental Biology Conference, and have active Neuroscience and Toxicology Divisions.  Most of our senior members are PhDs working as Professors at various Graduate and Medical Schools, Scientists at National Research Laboratories or in Pharmaceutical Industry.  Some of our members testified at Congressional Committees on Scientific matters, and even served in the administrations of US Presidents.  We publish 4 quarterly Newsletters.

Under UNDP sponsored programs like TOKTEN, some of our members  visited Research Laboratories in India, gave Scientific Lectures and donated Instruments. They served as conduits for the transfer of Technology.  Here in USA, we train the Scientists immigrating from India and physician scientists  in Biomedical Research, mentor the junior faculty and post-doctoral and pre-doctoral fellows.  We also provide laboratory facilities and guidance to young Indian students who are in High School or College to undertake research projects during Summer.

In brief, the purpose of this Association is to promote fellowship among scientists of Asian Indian Origin living in America, to act as a scientific and educational society, to establish open channels of communication among all scientists and to act as a fraternal organization and a charitable association.

The Association is an outcome of the aspirations of hundreds of scientists of Indian origin who attend annual or other periodic national meetings of various professional societies appropriate to their interest and yet have had no mechanisms to discuss or exchange matters of mutual interest or even extend fellowship while in attendance at these meetings. The Association aspires to act as a fraternal organization for all scientists of Indian origin. Professional Scientists group have joined ASIOA as a Division. These Divisions organize their own Division meetings during annual conventions most appropriate to their discipline. At present we have several Divisions operative.

To provide a forum for interaction of scientists in different disciplines and to stimulate frequent activities at a local level, the Association has established local chapters in major metropolitan areas and at places where there is enough interest in the activities of the Association. These chapters organize a variety of activities such as seminars, lectures and reception to fellow scientists visiting from India.

The Association aspires in promoting and facilitating a scientist exchange program with India. We also wish to extend all we can in furthering the scientific developments in India.

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