Gauthami S. Jalagadugula, Ph.D


Me, Gauthami Jalagadugula accepting the confidence of all respectable ASIOA members with great pleasure to serve ASIOA as a Secretary. I congratulate ASIOA upon its consistent growth in membership, monetary strength, conferences and bi-annual meetings.

As a newly elected secretary, I contribute my services sincerely for smooth functioning of organization with success and I work humbly with current President and other committee members. Very importantly, I request all the ASIOA members to pledge to our organization to increase your participation, recruiting new members into organization, contribution towards science and increasing attendees to our conferences and annual meetings. I request every member to advice and guide the young researchers when they need, out of your busy and tight schedules and thank you.

As we regularly plan, the coming 8th bi-annual meeting in January, 2019 I request all our members make yourself available for your presence at this event (details of the meeting come out sooner). Please submit scientific abstracts for oral and poster presentations. There will be awards for best presentations in both oral and poster categories. I encourage pre-doctoral, post-doctoral and young scientists from academic institutions and industries to participate in this meeting and other conferences, and more importantly to become life members and take every scientific advantage of being a member of ASIOA.

I encourage job postings and job searches (just like in other professional links i.e. Linkedin) in ASIOA website. I also encourage exchange of research information or in other words we need to connect ourselves throughout the year not just bi-annual, so let's work together. All the plans will be discussed in the meetings, work with committees to bring successful actions.

I thank Dr. Dhulipala Prasad (Ex- President), Dr. Krishna Boini (Ex- Secretary) and all Ex- Council Members for their excellent services to ASIOA. I welcome Dr. Ulhas Naik (Current President) from Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia; Present Council members: Dr. Samina Salim (Univ.of Houston), Dr. Krishna Kumar Veeravalli (Univ of Illinois College of Medicine ), Dr. Sai Sudha Koka (Univ. of Houston), Dr. Praveena Sabnekar (Evesham, NJ), Dr. Sudhir Reddy (NY Univ. Med. School). I thank Dr. Kamesh Badri (Executive Officer) for his continuous support. I also thank all other Ex- committee members including founders of ASIOA for their dedicated services and I wish their support continues. Thank you all.