Kameshwara Rao Badri, Ph.D.

Executive Officer

As I enter my 9th year of continued service to ASIOA and 12 years of membership at the organization, I am very happy to inform the recent successful ASIOA gathering, ASIOA Banquet & Award Ceremony, held at the sidelines of Experimental Biology 2018 (San Diego, CA).

This national meeting went very well and very grand. We invited and introduced New Team of ASIOA executive team along with recognizing great scientific talent of ASIOA. I thank Dr. Prasad Dhulipala and Dr. Krishna Boini for their immense service to ASIOA as the President and Secretary for the past two years along with great team of council members Dr. Samina Salim, Dr. Krishna Veeravalli, Dr. Nagaraju, Dr. Gauthami and Dr. Santoshi Muppala. We were a great team and successfully able to held 7th Biannual Meeting at Houston, TX and two national meetings at Experiment Biology (Chicago, IL and San Diego, CA).

I thank all the distinguished ASIOA members and leadership team for their guidance and support during all these 9 years of my continuous service to ASIOA (four years as council member, 2010-2014; two years as Secretary, 2014-2016 and then third year as Executive Officer; since 2016). I thank Dr. Prasad Dhulipala, Dr. Krishna Boini and rest of the executive council team for recognizing my service to ASIOA at the 36th Annual ASIOA Banquet. With great enthusiasm and excitement, I invite new team Dr. Ulhas Naik (President), Dr. Gauthami Jalagadugula (Secretary) and new council members Dr. Sai Sudha Kota, Dr. Sudhir Putti Reddy and Dr. Praveena Sabnekar. I also welcome back the returning executive council members including myself, Dr. Samina Salim and Dr. Krishna Veeravalli.

As our distinguished president and my first postdoc mentor Dr. Ulhas P. Naik mentioned in his message, let us pledge to do the best for ASIOA. As I requested many times, small drops will make a big ocean and one step at a time take us to the destination. So let us donate to ASIOA, how small the donation may be. Pass on the message regarding ASIOA and increase the membership and participate at the ASIOA meetings and strengthen the fellowship. We do so many things, let us pledge and make time to do these things so ASIOA can keep helping the new generation of scientists.

Since I took up charge as Executive Officer, I am trying to encourage the Council to support the annual meetings and biannual meetings by rising the funds without touching/spending available meager ASIOA funds. At this point, I have to thank outgoing team especially Prasad Dhulipala (as President of ASIOA) for his enormous efforts to raise money to cover the expenses. I request to continue to do the same in coming years. I always believed that service should be like a continuous stream whether it may be small or big. Everything counts. We always would like to hear from you to take our organization to the next level. Let us know about your developments, perspectives, achievements and great publications so we can share with the rest of the ASIOA community through Newsletters.